The A 2 Z Helping Hands Foundation is a registered Non Profit Company (NPC). Communities in dire need for assistance do not just need handouts, they need your help rebuild and empower themselves ..we believe that this can be attained through knowledge and skill.  What better place to start then at grassroots and with our leaders of tomorrow i.e our youth. We have setup workshops, youth programes, and provide outreach funding.

focused objectives…

  • To empower underprivileged through skills development and training
  • To provide safety and awareness training
  • Through Religious training to instill a code of conduct, moral and ethics training
  • Dawah focus
  • Aid relief

a2z helping hands soon to launch 2019 youth religious safety school programme


AREAS hosted: 



Hanover Park 


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Education – skills development – entrepreneurship – poverty alleviation

Together we can make a difference

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